Stories that Stay

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Andesite Stone

Good energy pervades the Minaro Hotel. Hewn by man and nature, this spectacular escape spot is built into volcanic rock in the Tokaj hills, cocooned by healing minerals and lush green vineyards. At the heart of our story is a slab of ancient andesite stone. Riven with liquid gold, it vibrates with positivity and encourages balance, drawing elemental force from the earth and time. Its iconic powers are the secret to personal wellness and renewal at the Minaro.

Inspired by Inca design, our hillside spaces flow with the pulsing elements of water and terroir. Terraced garden pools, waterfalls, sumptuous spa and monumental lounging areas overlook serene views, while gourmet extracts from the region’s grape vines infuse our menu and therapies. Take a trip to the Land of Tokaj to reconnect to self and nature; emerge with a new perspective on life.

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